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A 2018 New Year’s Pollution Resolution

Dec 20, 2017 at 3:14pm

For 2018, we challenge you to make our drinking water a priority. Join the Stormwater Pollution Revolution by taking the pledge to protect our Mojave River Watershed.


Water pollution affects everyone. The improper disposal of materials like household cleaners, toxic construction materials, pesticide use, animal waste, littering, lawn clippings and even detergent filled car wash water flowing into your street are all examples of stormwater pollutants that end up in our Mojave River Watershed - one of our main sources of drinking water in the High Desert.

This Jan. 1, 2018, make a New Year’s Resolution to join our Stormwater Pollution Revolution by taking “The Protect Your Home” pledge. Make a commitment to yourself, your family and your community to practice new pollution-free habits such as:

  • Properly disposing of household and other hazardous wastes at our local hazard waste centers.
  • Add grass clippings to your plant and garden beds.
  • Keep doggie doo bags with you during walks with your furry friends.

You can find the “The Protect Your Home” pledge form along with other insightful information at www. mojaveriver.org. Standing up for CLEAN water is ALWAYS the right choice! Let’s do this together!

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