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Make this Valentine’s Day an Upcycled Gift Giveaway

Feb 1, 2018 at 2:57pm

Upcycle your unwanted disposable glass materials into romantic and cute decorative vases for Valentine’s Day!


Throwing away used light bulbs in your trash bin can potentially cause broken glass to cut through your garbage bag and expose harmful pollutant waste to our Mojave River and its watershed. This Valentine’s Day, transform those discarded bulbs into gifts that will continue to shine brightly.

Whether you’re planning something special for your BFF, family member or significant other on Feb. 14, spice up your gift-giving game with these unique DIY ideas. These gifts will last longer than the typical flower arrangement and our Mojave River will feel the love too! Visit Recycled Things to learn more!

  • DIY Bulb Flower Piece: Make a floral decorative piece out a non-working electric bulb by turning it upside down and filling it with water. Follow this guide on how to hollow out a bulb safely.
  • Artificial Oil Lamps: Fill some oil/fluid into the bulb and insert a candle thread for a sweet-smelling surprise.
  • Decoration Piece: Cut a medium sized hole into the glass portion of the bulb and add a base of colored soil/sand with some fresh flowers of your choice!



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