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April is…National Lawn and Garden Month!

Apr 10, 2018 at 3:18pm

To celebrate National Lawn and Garden Month, consider upgrading or starting your very own water wise garden – the stormwater smart and savvy way! With these simple gardening tips, you can easily develop that green thumb by learning useful water conservation techniques, while also eliminating the use of toxic chemicals that could later cause stormwater pollution.

  • Accent your lawn or garden with some native, water wise plants that are compatible with our High Desert environment and climate. They require less water and maintenance and look beautiful all year round.
  • According to Better Homes and Gardens, incorporating cold or hot organic compost or mulch (such as fruit and vegetable peels, coffee ground, filters and eggshells) instead of harsh chemical fertilizers is better for your home garden since it enhances plant growth and prevents pollutants from entering our storm drains and waterways. Also keep in mind that recycling green yard waste (such as grass clippings and leaves) helps to keep our watershed clean.

Whether you’re deciding between a plant or vegetable garden, make sure to also try Treehugger’s advice for pesticide and herbicide recipes to protect your garden from pesky bugs and weeds.

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