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A #PollutionFreeMojave Starts with Community Clean-Up Days

Apr 10, 2018 at 3:22pm

Do you find that plastic bottles, fast food wrappers and other trash materials are constantly littering your neighborhood? Take action now and volunteer to be a part of your next local Community Clean-Up Day. Here are two major reasons why you should get up and get involved this season.  

April is National Volunteer Month! Celebrate with High Desert neighbors!

In the spirit of National Volunteer Month, our local cities are hosting their very own clean-up days and we encourage you to get involved! What better way to show appreciation for your community than to pick up unwanted and harmful litter that could ultimately damage our Mojave River Watershed, our main source of drinking water? Make a difference, keep drinking water clean and do your part to protect our precious plant and animal life from being exposed to toxic and deadly materials!

Form a new and healthy habit!

How can such a simple act like picking up trash for a couple hours in a day develop a new and healthy habit, you ask? The answer is simple. In addition to the exercise benefits you’ll get by helping out, you will have a great sense of accomplishment when you see just how much of an impact your efforts made. It will remind you to do your part every time you see a piece of stray trash or inspire you to use less plastic by bringing your own reusable bag the next time you visit the grocery store. All of these conscious decisions help to positively impact our High Desert and make for a cleaner, healthier watershed.

Make a difference and create a pollution-free HD. Sign up for the community clean-up event in your neighborhood today: City of Hesperia, City of Victorville, Town of Apple Valley.

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