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The Girl Scouts Take on Stormwater Pollution

Aug 14, 2018 at 12:35pm

Cece the Stormwater Trooper had a splashing good time at the "Wonders of Water" Day. Keep reading to learn all about their adventures with the San Gorgonio Girl Scouts!

On June 30, Cece the Stormwater Trooper visited the Girl Scouts for a day of water education. With bright smiles and the sun shining, we welcomed troops from the San Gorgonio Council into our Stormwater Trooper family and even helped them earn a brand-new water badge!

Cece brought a special guest, Freddie the Fish, to show the Girl Scouts the impact pollutants can have on animals and the environment. In this activity, the girls add “pollutants” like raisins representing animal waste, liquid soap as car oil and colored dye as fertilizers into the water as they follow along with Freddie’s story. As each “pollutant” is added, the Girl Scouts can see how dirty the water becomes and just how harmful it is to Freddie’s health.

We also asked the Girl Scouts to come up with practical ways they can help prevent waste from getting into our waterways. They had some great ideas like installing doggie-doo bag dispensers in parks, conducting neighborhood cleanups and recycling.

Congrats to all of our newest stormwater troopers! If you have a Girl or Boy Scout looking for help with water-related badges or projects, please email us here.

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