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Roll Back to School the #Stormwatersavvy Way

Aug 14, 2018 at 1:06pm

How do you keep your car and the environment clean? We’ve got the answers! Take a look at our #stormwatersavvy best practices.

It’s easy for the family car to get dirty after driving to and from all your kiddos’ activities. With your busy schedule, we took the hard work out of the research process to give you the best tips and tricks to keep the family car clean inside and out!

Washing your car:

  • Don’t wash your cars at home! Instead wash your vehicle at a commercial car wash that reclaims wash water and prevents oil, grease and toxic fluids from washing into the street and entering a storm drain or catch basin system. 

Inside your car:

  • Look for cleaners and detergents that are labeled phosphate free or biodegradable. The safest products for the environment are vegetable-based or citrus-based soaps. 
  • Keep a small recyclable bag in your car to properly dispose of water bottles or cans while on the go.
  • Have biodegradable, nontoxic wipes on hand to quickly clean up spills.

For more information and ideas on how to keep up with your car maintenance in a #stormwatersavvy way, look here

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