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Fall Community Events with the Mojave River Watershed Group

Oct 25, 2018 at 3:12pm

Cece and friends made recent visits to Hesperia Days and Victorville Fall Festival. See what they were up to and find out where they’re headed next!

Hesperia Days

Our team kicked off the fall event season at Hesperia Days, a fun-filled two-day community event at Hesperia Lake Park, on Friday, Oct. 6 and Saturday, Oct. 7. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing and word was spreading about stormwater savviness. We spoke with more than 200 High Desert community members about what we can do together to keep the Mojave Watershed, our main source for drinking water, free from pollution. We also handed out candy and fun prizes including new goodies like recycled Frisbees, doggie water bowls and collapsible spray bottles!

Even the youngest attendees wanted to take the Stormwater Pledge, and many recognized Cece from a recent school visit. Proof, that we are making an impact in the lives of young Stormwater Troopers!

Plus, we had lots of furry friends take the pledge too! While offering up some head scratches and tummy rubs, we spoke to many pet parents about the importance of picking up doggie doo-doo to prevent harmful – and stinky – stormwater pollution.

More than 170 residents took the pledge to be stormwater savvy. Major kudos!

Victorville Fall Festival

Another well-loved High Desert event we’ve had the pleasure of recently attending is the Victorville Fall Festival, a community celebration that took place on Saturday, Oct. 6.

Chilly temperatures and gusty winds didn’t stop these residents from wanting to learn more about how to keep our Mojave River Watershed clean! What’s more, they came in full force in Halloween costumes and had *buckets* of fun taking the pledge to be stormwater savvy!

We had lots of conversations with people about how they can keep our water clean – whether that’s by picking up after our pets, taking proper care of our cars or remembering to not litter and opt for recycling whenever possible.

Congratulations to the 174 residents who signed a pledge to be stormwater savvy! If you haven’t yet, join the movement and sign a pledge today.

Where We’re Headed Next!

Didn’t get a chance to meet the MRWG crew at one of these events? Catch Cece the Stormwater Trooper and her stormwater savvy pals next at Victorville Trunk or Treat Festival & Classic Car Show on Saturday, Oct. 27. Come dressed up and trick or treat for candy and prizes. We’ll see you there!

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