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Fall Into New #StormwaterSavvy Routines

Oct 25, 2018 at 3:49pm

Pumpkin *spice* up your home routine with three new ways to be eco-friendly. Read on for more treats (and no tricks!):

Fall is a time of renewal and growth! Even though the leaves don’t change colors in the High Desert, this festive season still calls for us to make some adjustments to our home routines. Here are some ways you can be #stormwatersavvy at home and finish out the year strong:

1. Spice Up Your Cleaning Routine

As we prepare for a busy holiday season, give your home some TLC with some deep cleaning. But just because it’s deep cleaning doesn’t mean you have to use harsh chemicals! The trick (or treat) is to concoct your own natural creation with apple cider vinegar, baking soda and hot water. Peruse your fridge for any leftover oranges, and your pantry for any cinnamon sticks. Finely chop up these ingredients and mix them into your cleaner for an autumn-scented blend free of toxic chemicals. Voila – a fall-fresh cleaner you can feel good about using!

2. Leaf Foliage Out of Storm Drains

As foliage falls and the High Desert wind blows, make sure you’re being stormwater savvy about how your disposing of these extra leaves. Avoid raking or hosing them into the street or gutter, which adds to stormwater pollution. Instead, start your own composting system with those excess leaves – and relish in using eco-friendly “homemade” soil! This compost enriches soil and even reduces the need for water, fertilizers and pesticides. That’s a #waterwise win!

3. Orange You Adjusting Your Sprinkler Systems?

Fall brings cooler temperatures and less sunlight, which means less water may get absorbed in the soil versus the hot and long days of summer when water quickly soaks in the soil. In turn, this extra water can create runoff. Inspect your yard’s landscaping and if you see excess water not being absorbed into the soil, you will know to adjust your sprinklers. This simple act helps prevent runoff and keeps pollutants out of our water!

For more tips and tricks for how to be stormwater savvy at home in the fall and all year long, visit the “For Families” tab on our homepage.

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