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Second Time’s a Charm

Dec 19, 2018 at 3:21pm

The holidays are the best time to be surrounded by loved ones while hosting parties and gift-giving, however the holidays are also a time when excess trash is created. Throughout the holiday season, a large percentage of waste comes from tossed wrapping paper. Check out these creative DIY ideas that will help you convert your unused leftover scraps of wrapping paper into new holiday creations that will add some personality to your gifts and more!

1. Shred It – Gift wrapping paper is colorful and easy to shred. It’s the perfect holiday confetti and you can use it as gift-box stuffer to secure any fragile gifts that you plan to ship.

2. Make Gift Bows or Ribbon – More often than not, wrappers are left with a pile of unused paper. Take these scraps and turn them into unique bows to save money and avoid excess litter. Check out a nifty DIY example on how you can convert your scraps of wrapping paper into gift bows here.

3. Create Your Own Gift Tags – Use leftover scraps of wrapping paper it’s easy to create decorative gift tags and add a personalized stormwater-savvy touch to each present. Simply cut the scraps, add a hole, tie a ribbon, and attach it to your gift! Ta-Da!

Please remember that although these upcycle ideas will give your extra scraps a new life, they will need to be properly disposed of to avoid becoming litter that ends up in our watershed.

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