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Sultana High School Students Become #StormwaterTroopers

Feb 11, 2019 at 5:16pm

Students from Sultana High School’s biology classes had a recent visit from Cece the Stormwater Trooper and friends. 

Not only did students learn about watershed pollution and what can be done to prevent it, they also were the first students to see our new aquifer demonstration.

The aquifer demonstration allows students to see how pollutants are transferred into our watershed via different types of urban runoff examples such as homes, schools, businesses and more. Colored food dye is used to represent the pollutants and students can see how the water moves the dye through the different levels of the aquifer.

At the end of each presentation, students were asked to brainstorm inventions, programs, or regulations that can be put into action to help prevent water pollution. We are happy to announce that these Sultans are now Stormwater Troopers. We hope they continue to learn more about our Mojave Watershed and continue to make every effort to keep it clean.

If you’d like to schedule an assembly at your school, please send an email to info@mojaveriver.org.

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