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Spring Into Action

Feb 11, 2019 at 5:18pm

Bottom line: when trash is not disposed of properly, it can negatively affect our Mojave River Watershed. When litter and other contaminants enter our waterways, our watershed becomes polluted, causing unsafe water for all of us. This spring season, be the best Stormwater Trooper possible by following these tips that will prevent trash from entering our waterways.

1.   Set up recycle bins inside your home. By doing so, you can easily remember to recycle your everyday home materials such as empty water bottles, detergent bottles or milk gallons.

2.   “Upcycle” materials such as glass bottles. These bottles can easily be washed, and converted into personalized flower vases to decorate your home. Learn how you can upcycle your own bottle in a creative way here.

3.   Attend your community Shred Fest! Check your city’s website to see when they will be hosting a Shred Fest. This event will allow you to get rid of paper that has been cluttering your home for FREE!

4.   Ditch cleaning products with toxic ingredients. Instead, opt for natural products that you can easily create using everyday ingredients. For example you can create a Citrus Vinegar All-Purpose Cleaner with just two ingredients! Simply place the peels of lemons or oranges into a jar and pour in a bottle of vinegar. Let the ingredients sit for two to three weeks. After the two or three weeks have passed, strain the peels and, just like that your all-purpose cleaner is ready to be put to action.

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