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Spotlight: Organizations that Support a #PollutionFreeMojave

Apr 11, 2019 at 3:29pm

Creating a #PollutionFreeMojave isn’t a task that one organization can tackle alone. Thankfully, our High Desert region has plenty of organizations that work together to keep our watershed clean and preserve the beautiful Mojave Desert. If you aren’t following them already, here are some of our notable partners you should check out:


1. Alliance for Water Awareness and Conservation (AWAC)

AWAC is a consortium of agencies committed to educating the public about water conservation within the service area of the Mojave Water Agency. Now more than ever, practicing water conservation habits is vital to keeping the quality of life in the High Desert for both residents and wildlife. You can support their cause by attending water agency partners/community events.

2. High Desert Keepers

The High Desert Keepers maintain and protect our beautiful desert landscape and wildlife with organized clean-up events and illegal dumping prevention. There has been a significant increase in illegal dumping in the High Desert, with piles of trash, construction waste, appliances, and large amounts of tires negatively affecting the living conditions of wildlife and residents. This organization continues to reduce the amount of trash in the High Desert while also aiding law enforcement to help crack down on illegal dumping. Like their Facebook page for updates about volunteer opportunities. You can also show your support by donating to the organization, which helps fund future projects.

3. Don't Trash Our Desert

Don’t Trash Our Desert is a coalition that takes action to keep our High Desert clean of litter, illegal dumping and other debris. By keeping the community engaged in litter prevention in the High Desert, our waterways clean and communities protected. Spread the message by liking (and sharing!) their Facebook page. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #DontTrashOurDesert to help the cause!


You can see a full list of our partners and organizations on our website at mojaveriver.org

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