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High Desert Showers Bring Pollution to Our Watershed!

Apr 11, 2019 at 3:49pm

The height of spring is finally here, and with April being known for its showers, we can’t forget that with rain comes stormwater runoff. Follow these guidelines during the calm before the storm to help prevent our water from pollutants that travel with the stormwater runoff.

1. Check Your Car for Leaks

When vehicles travel so do oil, grease, anti-freeze and other toxic automotive fluids that can lead to stormwater pollution. Prevent this by ensuring your car is in tip-top shape. Fix all leaks and recycle all fluids at a household hazardous waste recycling center. 


2. Pick Up Pet Waste

Leaving pet waste on the ground can contaminate stormwater. Please pick up pet waste and dispose of it in the trash. This will prevent harmful bacteria from traveling into our watershed.


3. Secure All Waste Bins

When handling your waste bins, it’s important to secure them to prevent them from blowing over and leaving trash on the ground. Stormwater runoff can carry this trash into our watershed. To prevent this, install a lid securer on your waste bins to make sure trash does not escape.

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