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Recycling is Fun for Everyone!

Oct 31, 2019 at 2:31pm

Looking for ways to get your kiddos involved in recycling? Try these three activities.   

We’ve all heard time and time again that it’s good to recycle, but do we always know the positive impact it can have on preventing stormwater pollution? For example, did you know that when manufacturers use recycled paper, it cuts down on water pollution by 35 percent? Recycling helps reduce waste and can help prevent trash and other contaminants from polluting our water source through stormwater pollution.

We understand recycling is not always the most interesting topic, especially for children. Here are three fun ways to get the kids involved:

  1. Hunt for Hidden (Recyclable) Treasures

If we take a walk around our neighborhoods, there is bound to be waste about, just waiting to find its way into storm drains and pollute our water. Create a list of “treasure items” you predict you’ll find on this voyage, and whoever finds the most interesting items on the list by the end of the walk wins! The rules are simple but the competition brings the fun!

  1. Host a creative contest

We all know the excitement that a little competition brings. Creating a contest for the kids could strongly encourage everyone to get in on the water pollution prevention action. Start a weekly (or monthly) contest to see who can collect, and properly sort, the most recyclable items. Make this even more fun by offering prizes and personalizing bins for each participant using recycled materials that they collect.

  1. Learn about recycling through an online sorting game

Technology is an important part of our everyday lives, why not use these tools to teach the kids about recycling? Teaching kids from a young age will ultimately lead to them being more stormwater savvy and eco-friendly as adults. Together, we can help the future generations learn how to keep water pollution free.

This online sorting game gives kids an interactive way to learn all about how to recycle. Kids must sort through the given waste items and place them in the right bins for points.

We hope you and the whole family enjoy these tips together!

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