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Going Green (and Saving Money) with Gift Wrap This Season!

Dec 17, 2019 at 11:37am

Stop wasting money on one-time gift wrap, and be #stormwatersavvy with these awesome alternatives!

The holiday season brings the joys of gift giving. Those cool Christmas mornings spent unwrapping presents that have sat patiently under the Christmas tree for weeks, or festive holiday parties spent exchanging and unwrapping secret Santa gifts among friends. During this merry time with loved ones, we often forget how much waste we create in the process of unwrapping of these gifts, waste that can potentially pollute and damage our waterways. Cutting down on gift wrap is a great way to start being mindful of our waste. Here are a few stormwater savvy solutions from Finding Your Green Life.

Wrapping Paper Alternatives

  1. Newspaper – Once you’re done with your morning read this is a great option for gift wrap that doesn’t create new waste!
  2. Magazines/Catalogs – The colorful and glossy pages make for a great recycled look for all your gift-wrapping needs.
  3. Gift Bag – A staple in the last-minute wrapping game, this is a great alternative to wrapping paper because it can be re-used for years to come.
  4. Bows – This is an easy way to cut down on both gift-wrap and the time spent wrapping multiple presents. A fabric bow around any present gives it a holiday look, and when it’s done being used, save it to use again next year.

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