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Three Ways To Show Love to the Mojave River Watershed

Feb 25, 2020 at 3:35pm

It’s about to get even easier to show your love to our own beloved Mojave River.

Typically, the month of February means Valentine’s Day, candy, flowers, and showing love to your friends and family. This year the Mojave River Watershed Group is encouraging you to express your love to the watershed that provides us with clean and fresh water everyday. “Let us count the ways” and  show the Mojave River Watershed how much we care.

  1. Say “Yes” to Water Wise Plants


Photo by: Pixabay 

Conserving and protecting every drop of water all year long is especially important in the High Desert, as runoff is limited. The beauty of your home does not have to suffer if you make the decision to love your watershed and opt for water wise plants! Some of these include English Lavender (pictured above), Bermuda Grass, and Texas Ranger. For a more in-depth list of the best water wise plants, click here!

  1. Lend A Helping Hand

One of the best ways to love your watershed is to get involved and volunteer! There are several High Desert organizations that organize clean-up events and activities throughout the year in an effort to help keep our community clean. Some of the organizations in the cities of Apple Valley, Victorville, and Hesperia include Don’t Trash Our Desert, High Desert Keepers, and more. Invite your loved ones to participate and make the event even more special! Read more about organizations to get involved in here!

  1. Treats for you and the Watershed

Photo by: Canva

If you’re thinking about baking some treats for your loved ones, have a birthday to celebrate, or maybe even snacks for the kids classroom or soccer game this month, baking with zero-waste is a great way to show everyone (and the watershed) how much you care! We found some great zero-waste baking tips at Less Waste World, check it out! You can even top it off with a reusable glass jar to avoid additional plastic that could become a watershed pollutant.


If you’re ready to declare your love for the watershed, take the pledge to never pollute, here!

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