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Celebrate Earth Day at Home on April 22

Apr 21, 2020 at 10:36am

How to get your kids excited about being home on Earth Day! 

Photo By: Holyoke

Every year, the MRWG team visits schools across the High Desert to celebrate Earth Day with an eco-friendly activity. Unfortunately, we will have to take a raincheck on our visits this year, but we refuse to forfeit the fun! On April 22, celebrate Earth Day inside or in your backyard by setting aside some time for these eco-friendly Earth Day activities!


Recycling Activity

Photo By: Seattle Times

If you have young children in your home, this is the perfect opportunity to teach them about the importance of recycling. Check out the blog Carrots are Orange, which goes more into detail about this fun and easy recycling game for the whole family!


Nature Walk Collage

For our arts and crafts lovers, this activity allows you to blend art with the great outdoors. All you need is your family, paper, glue, something to color with, and a walk in your own backyard. Together, collect twigs, leaves, and maybe even grass, that you find outside your house and use it to create a nature collage to celebrate our beautiful High Desert. You can find more details about this activity at East Coast Mommy Blog!


Finger Paint Earth Activity

We found the perfect activity for all of those with young kids who love to get a little messy!

This activity requires paint, paper, a black marker and some little fingers. Use the black sharpie to outline the shapes of the Earth, then have your little ones use their creativity to finger paint the rest! Check out the full tutorial on the Busy Kids Happy Mom blog!


Looking for more?

We’ve got you covered! Extend your Earth Day fun with some of these activities we grabbed from B-Inspired Mama! From all of us at MRWG, Happy Earth Day!

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