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Hike Through the High Desert

Jun 24, 2020 at 1:36pm

Take a look at these three hiking essentials before your next adventure.

What better way to celebrate the beginning of summer than an outdoor hike on our local trails! Here is a list of some of the High Desert’s “Must See” trails for your enjoyment.

Local Hiking Trails to Enjoy

Arrastre Falls Trail Head

Bonita Vista Hiking Trail

Deep Creek Hot Springs

When enjoying the great outdoors, please remember these stormwater-savvy tips so that we can continue appreciating these beautiful hiking areas for years to come.

Stormwater-Savvy Tips While Hiking

1. Prep your Backpack

Before heading out, prep your backpack with essentials to get you through the day. You’ll need sunscreen, lunch, plenty of snacks, and a small drawstring trash bag. With a “Pack-It-In, Pack-It-Out” mindset you’ll be ready to collect your own trash and any litter you may find along the way. We recommend a drawstring trash bag to easily fasten to your backpack or carabiner.

2. Reusable vs. Plastic 

Stay hydrated with a reusable water bottle. This helps prevent plastic pollution and keeps water chilled longer, which is a nice refresher on scorching summer days.

3. Pick Up After Your Pet

Dogs are the perfect hiking buddies! When our pet pals tag along for an adventure in the great outdoors, remember to clean up after them. Be stormwater savvy by clipping doggie-doo bags to your carabiner on the way out the door. Make sure to grab their portable water bowl too!

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