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Go the Extra Mile to Safely Keep the High Desert Pollution Free!

Feb 13, 2021 at 2:39pm

Lead your own household clean up – even when there isn’t a community-wide event planned.

Historically, MRWG has sponsored community cleanup events throughout the High Desert in an effort to protect the Mojave River Watershed from pollution. Throughout the years residents have collected several tons of trash from all over the desert that could have otherwise ended up in our waterways. To keep residents safe during the pandemic, city organized community cleanups have been canceled. But you can still take action at home!

We encourage individuals and members of the same household to organize their own socially-distanced cleanup event. If you notice we have some showers on the horizon, schedule the clean-up the day before to make sure no trash gets washed into our watershed. Here are  three stormwater-savvy tips to make sure your cleanup event is successful:

Stay Safe
It’s important to stress that your cleanup should ONLY include members of your household. While we usually encourage inviting your neighbors or friends to participate, we want to be mindful not to put you and your family at increased risk. Since you’re working with a smaller group, we recommend narrowing the  cleanup area to your immediate neighborhood for the best results.

Be sure to maintain at least six feet of space between you and other residents walking by, while always wearing a face mask and gloves. If you find any hazardous materials during your cleanup, please collect them and dispose of them at a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center near you. Should you find any illegally dumped materials, please let us know by  reporting it on our pollution reporting form. The information you provide goes a long way to keep our community pollution free and will be reported to the City of Hesperia, the City of Victorville or the Town of Apple Valley for appropriate handling.

Pack the Stormwater-savvy Supplies
Here is a check list of must-haves items you will need to lead your own cleanup:

  • Rake
  • Broom and dust pan
  • Gloves
  • Track grabber
  • Trash bags

Also, make sure you have water and snacks for your household. Wear sunscreen, comfortable, closed-toed shoes, and appropriate clothing based on weather conditions.

Measure Your Success
When you’re all finished, count your bags of trash and bags of recyclables. Tie your trash bags and dispose of them in your trash bin and drop recyclables off at a nearby recycling center. Afterward, visit our Instagram or Facebook send us a DM with a photo letting us know how many bags of trash and recyclables your team collected so we can spotlight you on our social media.

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