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Upcycled Valentine’s Day Gifts We Love!

Feb 13, 2021 at 2:43pm

Need a last minute Valentine’s Day gift? DIY a sweet present that keeps our High Desert pollution free.

Make your sweetheart a Valentine’s Day gift that says you love being eco-friendly too! Upcycling is a creative way to resuse items and reduce litter such as plastic and paper that pollutes the High Desert and the Mojave River Watershed. If you’re still looking for a gift to celebrate Valentine’s Day this weekend, we have a few stormwater-savvy suggestions.

Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Card
Ask  your partner to be your Valentine by making an eco-friendly card. Write your sweet notes on cute heart-shaped cut outs made from seed paper, or create a 3-D heart using old magazines. Whatever you choose, your special someone will know their card was made with love and care for the planet.

DIY Lantern
Do you have any glass or plastic cans lying around? If so, upcycle these treasures to create a gorgeous and romantic lantern! To get started you will need paint, wires and ribbon. This gift will be perfect for your next date night. Check out this simple instruction guide on Brendid to get started.

Homemade Terrariums
Let your sweetheart know that “love grows here” with a cool terrarium. This is a creative way to show off a stormwater-savvy plant that brings life to your Valentine’s home office. To get started, grab a glass container like an old salt shaker or flower pot, pebbles, sand, soil, and plants. We promise, this is the ultimate stormwater-savvy gift for your sweetheart! For a step-by-step guide visit TomsofMaine.



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