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Take Action During Earth Week

Apr 9, 2021 at 12:11pm

Three things you can do to make your green celebration special.

It’s that time of year again; it’s time to plan for Earth Week!
From April 19 through the 24, we encourage you to plan and participate in green activities. You will be joining thousands of people across the country in taking action to protect our communities. It may seem small, but any green action you take can lead to a ton of benefits for our High Desert.

Watch Our Watershed Lab Livestream
Make your Earth Week celebration a special one by joining us for a virtual watershed lab on Facebook Live! On Earth Day, Thursday, April 22 Stormwater Trooper Marty will walk you through building your very own watershed model. This kid-and-family friendly project will teach you about our Mojave River Watershed, which serves as a major source of drinking water in the High Desert. You will also learn why it’s important to protect our waterways from stormwater pollution. If you’d like to follow along and create your own model, grab these easy-to-find supplies and join us. See you then!

  •   Tray
  •   Newspaper 
  •   Masking tape
  •   White paper
  •   Spray bottle filled with water
  •   Absorbent cloth
  •   Four different colors of markers (red, blue, green, black)

Reuse and Upcycle
Investing in reusable gear or upcycling an old trash can go a long way to protect our watershed. Carry a tote bag when you visit the market, a reusable bottle for your water, and consider upcycling and old coffee tin into a beautiful flower pot. Check out our tutorial on creating a compost bin and utensil container for ideas when planning your Earth Week activities.

Make Earth-Friendly Cleaning Supplies
Household cleaning supplies are notorious for using chemicals that wreak havoc on our groundwater. These chemicals are especially dangerous when dumped outside. Even household cleaners in your sink present a risk! Wastewater facilities may not be equipped to filter out these chemicals from our groundwater making it unsafe for animals, plants and ourselves. As a solution, celebrate Earth Week by creating non-toxic cleaning supplies that are safe for you and our watershed. Check out this impressive guide by Eartheasy and get started today!

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