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Drop a Line on National Go Fishing Day

Jun 7, 2021 at 10:44am

Grab Your Rod and Celebrate with these Stormwater-Savvy Fishing Tips

National Go Fishing Day is June 18 and what better place to celebrate than at one of our local fishing spots like Hesperia Lake Park. But before you cast your line, prepare for your trip by making it an eco-friendly one!   

Get started on your stormwater-savvy fishing trip with a few helpful tips we prepared. Limiting the amount of pollution we produce during recreational activities like fishing can make a huge difference for our High Desert!

Avoid putting harmful chemicals into our lakes by using steel or tin tackle instead of the traditional ones made of lead. High lead levels can make our lakes toxic for wildlife and disrupt an entire ecosystem. If you’re not sure which type of tackle is safe, ask for help at local bait and tackle shops like Turner’s Outdoorsman in Victorville.

Don’t overuse your tackle! After about 20 catches, change your tackle before it breaks. Prevent polluting our watershed with broken fishing equipment by replacing it regularly.

Pick up dissoluble lines for your next fishing trip. When these lines snap or are lost in the water they break down completely after five years. When traditional insoluble lines get lost they stay in our water forever, threatening our High Desert’s wildlife and watershed.   

This should go without being said but using plastic bait is a recipe for disaster. Plastic bait can get lost and sink to the bottom of the lake, never breaking down. It can also clog our storm drains leading to some really expensive fixes. Using live bait cuts down on the threat of polluting our watershed because if lost, our High Desert fish get a healthy snack, instead of a piece of plastic that can be harmful.

Bring Snacks
Fishing trips are long and can go from sunrise to sunset. Grab your reusable containers, utensils and cloth napkins for your on-the-go meals and snacks! Bring a big jug of water instead of several small water bottles. 

At the end of a long, fun day of fishing, pick up any leftover plastic bags or equipment. In case you didn’t know, several of our High Desert lakes like Hesperia Lake Park have fishing line recycling stations on site! Keep an eye out for them on your next visit.

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