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Avoid Pool Party Mishaps this Summer

Jun 7, 2021 at 10:46am

Tips for a Pollution-Free Pool Party

The best way to cool off and relax in the summertime is by taking a dip in the pool with friends or family. We understand that keeping your pool and the Mojave River watershed clean can be stressful. But don’t fret, we’ve got stormwater-savvy pool cleaning and party tips!

Cleaning your pool before the party is essential. Yucky water in High Desert heat? No thanks! Grab a skimmer and clean off all the leaves and other debris that's been collecting over time. Dispose the nasty pool grime into a bagged trash can instead of letting the chlorine-soaked leaves sit in your yard.

Check your pool and filtration system for any leaks before opening the pool this season. Routinely check throughout the summer to make sure no harmful chemicals are leaking into the environment.

Chlorine and other Chemicals
We all know the familiar smell of pool water, but do you know what that smell comes from? Chlorine! If left unchecked, chlorine can damage our watershed by percolating through the soil and contaminating it. Use chlorine in moderation and monitor levels every few days.

Flotation Devices
Keep all floaties and rubber duckies in a safe, secure spot. High Desert winds can blow them away and riddle our neighborhood with litter. Deflate your pool rings and other blow-up toys regularly and store them in a bin with a latch to make sure they don't get carried away between pool parties. 

Closing for the Season
Did you know you shouldn’t drain your pool every year? It's recommended that you only drain it about every five to 10 years. Prior to draining your pool, uncover it and let the sun and heat rid the water of toxic chemicals for a few days. It takes five to 10 days for chlorine to effectively evaporate out of the water. Before draining, clean out any algae, bugs or other debris that could clog our storm drains. 

Grab a few testing kits before draining and make sure there's no chlorine and the pH levels are optimal for release. Any remaining chlorine seeps through our soil and settles in the watershed. You want your pool water’s pH between 6.5 and 8.5. Drain your pool into a grassy area so the grass can filter out any other debris that might get caught in our storm drains. Pick the extra debris up after it dries and put it in a bagged trash can to prevent storm drains from getting clogged.

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