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5 Ways to Green Your Independence Day Party

Jun 7, 2021 at 10:51am

Tips to Celebrate Our Country’s Freedom by Keeping Our Waterways Pollution-Free

Celebrating our country’s independence doesn’t have to come at the expense of our Mojave River Watershed. If you’re planning a Fourth of July get together, consider these tips to make sure your holiday stays pollution-free this year!

Bring Your Own Cup
Reusable utensils and plates are always a stormwater-savvy MUST, but what about cups for the party? Tell your guests to bring their own customized, reusable cup to limit trash!

Ditch the Extra Waste and Bring a Dispenser  
Did you know plastic water bottles are littered across the High Desert every day? That kind of waste can end up in our watershed. Make your celebration stormwater-savvy by providing a filtered water dispenser for your guests instead! Large, self-serving containers cut the use of plastic AND make for less trash and clean up. Who doesn't love that?

Check Your Sunscreen
You might be looking to protect yourself from harmful UV rays that come with triple-digit temps in the High Desert. But did you know your sunscreen could be polluting chemicals into our watershed when the spray settles on the ground? Look for sunscreens that don't use chemicals like oxybenzone or octinoxate. These harmful chemicals can wipe out entire ecosystems and disrupt wildlife food webs for years. We suggest using CeraVe Hydrating sunscreen - it’s safe for our skin, water and wildlife. 

Reuse Decorations
Dust off and hang up any leftover decorations from years before, or save what you use this year for the next. Reusing banners, table decor or even party favors will save you money and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in our watershed.  

Provide Proper Trash Receptacles
This may seem obvious, but make sure you have plenty of trash cans and recycling bins with lids at your party. Your guests are more likely to recycle if the proper cans are there for them to use. When the celebration is over, tie up all bags so litter doesn’t fly into our waterways. 

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