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Sustaining a Green Back-to-School!

Aug 27, 2021 at 11:28am

School is back in session, and it’s easier than ever to have a pollution free school year.

Did you know that your back-to-school habits can help prevent stormwater pollution? Every part of your school day, from your lunch to your walk home, is an opportunity to keep pollutants out of the Mojave River. Keep the new school year green with these stormwater savvy tips.

Ditch the platter, prepare your lunch.

Individually wrapped food items provided in school lunches can produce lots of unnecessary waste. Litter is one of the top stormwater pollutants in our High Desert! Using eco-friendly food containers and utensils from home can help keep litter out of our water supply. Make sure you also bring a reusable lunch box and avoid paper bags.  

Hydrate with a reliable and reusable bottle.

Single-use plastic water bottles often end up in our landfill and pollute our waterways. Get a reusable water bottle and clip it to your backpack so you never misplace it. You can also personalize your reusable water bottle with your name and compostable stickers!

Keep your commute green.

If you can, and when weather permits, walk or bike to school. Some of the most harmful stormwater pollutants in our High Desert are oil, grease and antifreeze, which leak from vehicles.  If you can’t walk or bike to school, carpooling with your classmates is another great way to limit the pollutants that negatively impact our drinking water. Be sure to take COVID-19 precautions when carpooling.

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