January 2022

Renovate, Don't Contaminate

Jan 18, 2022 at 11:16am

Are you planning home improvement projects this year? Follow these tips for all your renovation and construction projects.

Home painting:

  • Use water-based paints. Clean water-based paints in the sink, and oil-based paints with thinner.
  • Wrap dried paint residue in newspaper and dispose of it in the trash.
  • Store paints and paint-related products inside rigid, durable and watertight containers.


  • Keep construction debris away from the street, gutter and storm drains. 
  • Schedule grading and excavation projects for dry weather. 
  • Sweep or scoop up cement washout or concrete dust instead of hosing into driveways, streets, gutters or storm drains. 

Waste Disposal:

  • Paint, cleaners, and other toxic home improvement products are too dangerous to dump in the garbage or down the drain. 
  • Recycle them at a household hazardous waste collection facility. Call (800) CLEANUP to find a hazardous waste facility in your area.


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