March 2022

What is a Watershed? 

Mar 4, 2022 at 9:35am

Our actions affect the Mojave Watershed


A watershed is an area of land that collects water and drains into a larger body of water, such as a river. The Mojave River Watershed collects groundwater from the urban areas of the High Desert region and drains into the Mojave River. The urban areas include Hesperia, Victorville, the Town of Apple Valley and parts of San Bernardino County.  

Stormwater is water runoff from sprinklers, hoses, rain and snow melt that flows from rooftops, over paved areas, bare soil, and sloped lawns. As it flows, stormwater runoff collects and transports animal waste, litter, pesticides, fertilizers, oil & grease, construction waste and other potential pollutants. The polluted stormwater then flows into our desert storm drains or seeps into the ground and pollutes our local Mojave River, a river that runs underneath the Mojave Desert. 

The Mojave River is our one and only water supply, so it’s important to prevent stormwater pollution!

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