For Businesses

Businesses in the High Desert are essential to stormwater pollution prevention. The Mojave River Watershed Group strives to partner with local businesses in the high desert community and establish Best Management Practices for clean water, clean neighborhoods and a clean environment. 

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We offer business trainings to our local partners to inform management and employees on Best Management Practices for preventing stormwater pollution. For more information on these trainings, please contact us at (951) 462-1106.

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 “Whether you’re an expert or amateur gardener, it’s important we all use stormwater-savvy tips to take care of our High Desert’s health. Thanks, MRWG, for spotlighting the cool products and info we offer that help keep our watershed pollution free!” - Nate’s Nursery

“Thanks MRWG for stopping by and dropping off some helpful doggie doo tip cards! Paws N Whiskers is committed to keeping our High Desert pollution free. Stop by and pick up some pet cleaning supplies when you have a chance!” - Paws n Whiskers