The Mojave River

The Mojave River and its Watershed

The Mojave River is approximately 110 miles long and flows throughout the Mojave Desert and eastern San Bernardino Mountains of San Bernardino County, California. It's unique as its water runs upside down and backward – underground and inland.

The Mojave River is the primary geographic and hydrologic feature of the Mojave River Watershed, which is approximately 4,500 square miles of land that collects groundwater – most of it comes from the Mojave River.

Did You Know?

Our High Desert community relies on welled, pumped, and filtered Mojave River groundwater for drinking water, faucets and hoses? It is our responsibility to protect the Mojave River and keep it clean.

Join Us!

Remember, even small actions directly affect the entire Mojave River and Mojave River Watershed ecosystem in a big way. For a cleaner tomorrow, join the Stormwater Pollution Revolution and protect the Mojave River today!