Every school year, MRWG, in partnership with various High Desert animal organizations, hosts free environmental assemblies for K-12 schoolchildren in areas of the High Desert. These 60-minute interactive assemblies feature live animals and games to connect students to their surroundings and teach them how to protect High Desert landscapes, animals and the watershed.

As part of the assembly, students will:

  • Learn what stormwater pollution is and how it negatively impacts the quality of our water
  • Identify specific actions they can take to prevent stormwater pollution
  • Encourage their friends and family to change harmful behaviors
  • Become empowered to take ownership of and benefit their community
  • Become environmentally conscientious adults

But the learning doesn’t stop there. Teachers are provided a curriculum packet full of fun activities for the classroom along with free pencils made of recycled money – a hit with the students! Download our FREE curriculum packets and Campus Garden Guide below.

To learn more or to reserve an assembly, please contact Megan Wentz by phone at (951) 462-1106 or by email.