Pool Service

Improperly disposed of pool water, filter materials and chemicals that enter a storm drain leads straight to local water sources like the Mojave River Watershed -- making it extremely important to make sure that your pool or spa water is dechlorinated and pollution free before draining! Discharge that enters a sewer system is treated before entering local water sources. However, the less pollution that enters the treatment plant, the cleaner your drinking water will be. Follow these pool and spa maintenance tips to keep our environment pollution free!

  • According to Community for a Clean Watershed, properly drained pools and spas should be drained once every 5-10 years.
  • Do NOT drain a spa or pool into a septic system; it will upset the system.
  • You must dechlorinate the water in your pool or spa before draining it. Don’t worry, it’s simple! You can dechlorinate naturally by allowing the water to sit in the sun for 5-10 days without adding chlorine; or use a chemical dechlorination additive from your local pool supply store. Lastly, verify that the water is dechlorinated with a pool testing kit before draining.

For discharge into a storm drain system (ONLY Allowed in Victorville and Hesperia, NOT permitted in Apple Valley):

  • Ensure your water is clean of algae and mosquitoes.
  • Make certain that the water draining from your pool or spa will not pick up dirt, lawn clippings, or other debris as it makes its way to the storm drain.
  • Unmaintained pools with leaves and debris may need specialized filtration. Check with your city (or county for unincorporated areas) public works department.

For discharge into a sanitary sewer system (Allowed in Victorville, Hesperia and Apple Valley):

  • Pump water into a sewer clean-out or other sewer connection, carefully monitoring flow to avoid flooding. 

For more information on pool maintenance, visit www.poolsafely.gov.