The "Protect Our Home" Pledge Form



As a responsible member of my community, I promise to protect the Mojave River Watershed for myself, my family, my neighbors, and the wildlife of the High Desert. I pledge to keep trash and unsafe chemicals away from water runoff that can contaminate our source of drinking water. 


The Mojave River Watershed Group thanks you for your pledge to keep our waterways clean. Litter, pesticides, and fertilizers can wash into storm drains or seep underground and flow directly into our waterways. The resulting bacteria and risk of disease threaten the health of our community.

Follow these easy steps to protect our High Desert water:

1. Pick up after your pet.

2. Sweep lawn clippings and trash.

3. Donʼt litter! And make sure to recycle.

4. Organize a clean-up event with friends and family.

Join the #PollutionRevolution and become a Stormwater Trooper.

Take the pledge.

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