Campus Garden Guide

Are you interested in planting a garden on campus? The Mojave River Watershed Group wants to help! We have assembled a quick, easy guide to creating a waterwise garden with your students.

Our garden guide is a FREE booklet that focuses on implementing best management practices to protect our High Desert's main water source, the Mojave River Watershed, from stormwater pollution. Stormwater is water from rain, snowmelt, or runoff from sprinklers and hoses. This runoff can become polluted as it flows over the ground and collects animal waste, litter, pesticides, fertilizers, oil & grease, soil and other potential pollutants. This stormwater pollution contaminates our watershed when it is washed into the Mojave River or sits on the ground to percolate through the soil to the water basin below.

Our goal for this garden guide is to provide a simple and practical way to teach our High Desert youth how to be stormwater savvy and to understand how their actions can directly affect our water source. Through the garden guide, students will learn first-hand about different types of plant life and preventing stormwater pollution by being cautious of the way they plan and tend to the garden.

You can download our garden guide now as a PDF. The link for download is located the bottom of this page. 

If you are currently working with your class to plant a garden, we would love to feature you on this page! Please send us photos of your class in the school garden to