Carpet Cleaning

If disposed of improperly, toxic chemicals and discharged waste water from cleaning carpet, drapery, furniture and windows can make their way into the stormdrain system and eventually our waterways. These guidelines apply even if the cleaning products are labeled “nontoxic” or “biodegradable." Although these products may be less harmful to the environment, they can still have harmful effects if they enter the stormdrain untreated.

  • Dispose of wastewater properly: Wastewater from cleaning equipment must be discharged into a sink, toilet, or other drain connected to the sanitary sewer system within sanitary sewer discharge limits, or hauled off and disposed of properly. Wastewater should never be discharged into a street, gutter, parking lot or stormdrain.

  • Filter wastewater: Carpet cleaning wastewater should be filtered before discharging it to the sanitary sewer since fibers and other debris in the wastewater can clog pipes. The filtered material can be disposed of in the garbage, as long as the waste is not contaminated with hazardous pollutants.